Drs. Jan Scholten,1951

Born in Helmond, qualifiedas a doctor in medicine in The Netherlands, (Utrecht).

He has been practicing for more than 30 years as a homeopathic doctor. His interest is in people, in their health and disease, in physical emotional, mental and spiritual aspect. He is in favor of the idea of the “Homo universalis”, the scientist well known in all fields of science. Hence in interest in homeopathy, where medicine, psychology, mythology, chemistry, physics, biology and religion come together. This attitude is reflected in his studies where he started with chemistry (biochemistry), then studied philosophy for a few years and at last came to medicine.

His inquisitive mind has led him to discover many new ways in homeopathy: new remedies, new theories and new ways of analysis. He has written 3 books about these discoveries of the Mineral kingdom: “Homeopathy and Minerals”, “Homeopathy and the Elements” and Secret Lanthanides”. His main research now is in the Plant kingdom of which the results are published in “Wonderful Plants” and the website Qjure: www.qjure.com.

He has been teaching extensively all over the world about these subjects.